Portia ABA Clinic Software & Data Collection for Behavior Analysts, Clinics and School Districts

Portia is therapy-first software for your ABA clinic that combines curriculum, electronic medical records and data collection. Unlike other ABA clinic software, Portia keeps student therapy at the heart. It’s what we do.
For Clinic Owners and Clinical Directors

Running an ABA Clinic with the right tools to aid you is a necessity in today’s marketplace. Portia ABA Clinic Software enables you, the Clinic Owner to run your clinic efficiently, save money on payroll, reduce staff turnover and improve the quality of life for your staff.

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For Behavior Analysts

Portia was developed by BCBA’s for BCBA’s, every detail of Portia has been crafted with the way BCBA’s work in mind.

Created to meet the needs of our founders’ own clinics, Portia will free your time and enable your efficacy as a BCBA.

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For Parents

Portia has meaningful reports for parents of children with autism, developmental delays and disorders. Reports are designed to help parents stay on top of their Learner’s program and be involved in their child’s progress.

Portia helps parents be involved and continue care at home.

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GOALS for Autism has been using Portia with much success! Reports are completed in a timely manner with a significant decrease in the amount of non billable time to complete the reports. The software has saved us an average of 4 hours per report. In addition our data collection has increased in efficiency and accuracy. Changes can be made immediately to programs, increasing our ability to provide quality ABA services.- Adryon Ketcham, MA, BCBA, LBA - CEO, Goals for Autism Inc.
Portia allows Behavior Analysts to streamline their processes while maintaining quality and effective individualized ABA programs for each Learner... easy to set up and operate.- Hellen Adedipe M.A., BCBA, Founder & Clinical Director - The Reason for Hope
Now I feel in control and on top of my work.- Kristy Hunt, BCaBA
Portia’s therapy-first ABA Clinic Software combines curriculum, electronic medical records and data collection. Find everything you expect in easy-to-use cloud-based ABA clinic software. Complete individual, group sessions and meetings. Portia has task analysis, automatic target progression, session notes, HIPAA compliance, insurance and billing integration, and more.
By BCBA’s for BCBA’s

Not only has Portia ABA Clinic Software been developed by BCBA’s for BCBA’s, it is supported by Portia’s own BCBA’s. Created to meet the needs of our founders’ own clinics in their data collection needs, every detail of Portia has been created with the way BCBA’s work in mind.  Portia has been used in hundreds of thousands of sessions.

Grows with you

Portia is a perfect fit for ABA clinics of all stages and sizes.  Whether you’re a clinic with brand new BCBA’s, or one with seasoned expertise, use the built-in Portia learner programs or drag and drop to create a lesson plan of your own.

Customizable Learner Methods

Only Portia mimics the flexibility of paper with fully and individually customizable learner programs and data collection methods.  From cold probe, to task analysis, manding, time sampling, prompt levels and more, Portia works with all data collection methods.

Configurable by Clinic

Everything about Portia can be adjusted by you. No vendor involvement and no IT staff involvement required.


Select your program tasks and targets from the Portia curriculum or from your own!

The Portia curriculum has full teaching instructions and targets. RBT’s can view the full teaching instructions on the Portia Pro mobile app along with any updates and messages from the BCBA.

If you use the ABLLS-R™, VB-MAPP™ & ESDM™ assessments, then you will love the quick find codes in the The Portia Curriculum.


Insurance data integrity is critical to timely reimbursement.  Portia eliminates hours off the preparation of insurance reports, therefore saving you time and money.

Portia ABA Clinic Software Solution

• Standard data types
• Individual and group sessions
• Skill Acquisition
• Mand frequency
• Behavior deceleration
• Task analysis
• ABC Data

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• Adaptive Curriculum with targets
• Make your own curriculum(s)
• Automatic target progression
• Reports
• Comprehensive Editing Tools
• Session, Learner and Data Notifications
• Messaging System
• Internal Help Desk
• Custom forms and templates

• Manage client records
• Manage staff records and teams
• Staff permission matrix
• Secure: HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant
• Excellent support
• Works on Android, iOS and Kindle

BCBA’s take pride in understanding their learner’s unique needs and tailoring an educational program to them. For many years, BCBA’s used overflowing binders full of paper sheets, sticky notes and graphs. The binder allowed for highly individualized learner programs but it had obvious drawbacks when it came to reporting and efficiency.

As ABA clinics look to modernize, they are increasingly turning to ABA clinic software.  These solutions excel at managing the backend of the clinic when it comes to scheduling and billing, but it unfortunately many lack flexibility in the actual therapy itself, often forcing BCBA’s to adopt cookie-cutter learner programs.

With Portia, BCBA’s can have the all the flexibility of paper while using a completely digital yet non-intrusive therapy software solution. Therefore, Behavior Analysts and clinics gain incredible efficiencies without compromising their work integrity.

If you are a clinic owner, take a look at how our ABA Software will benefit your bottom line.

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