About Team Portia

The creators of Portia ABA Clinic Software

Founded in 2012, Portia ABA Clinic Software is a leader in providing supporting technology to the field of applied behavior analysis. Our Virtual Clinic Pro and Portia Pro Apps allow Behavior Analysts, ABA Clinics and School Districts 24/7 access to their Learner’s data, enabling swift programmatic changes to their Learner’s programs, increased efficacy and improving results. Portia ABA Clinic Software has customers throughout North America and Europe; including private Behavior Analysts, Clinics, School Districts, Teachers, Parents, Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. Our global reach and availability benefits Learners around the world; geography is no longer an obstacle to effective and timely program development. Every one of our clients save money and improve the quality of life of their staff, giving their team the ability to spend more time working with the Learners and less time doing administrative tasks. In the next year Portia ABA Clinic Software will continue to expand the product portfolio; delivering technology solutions to directly serve parents and Learners and assist all our clients with better managing their own client relationships.
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