Portia ABA Clinic Automation Software Includes

Data collection

• Standard data types:
• Probe
• Trial by Trial (Fixed and Continuous with / without prompt)
• Count
• Time Sampling (whole interval, momentary, partial interval)
• Duration (cumulative, per occurrence)

Task Types

• Skill Acquisition
• Task analysis (total task presentation, forward chaining, backward chaining)
• Mand frequency
• Behavior deceleration

• ABC Data (live or after the event)


• Individual sessions
• Group sessions
• Meeting sessions

• Clinic Defaults
• Adaptive Curriculum with targets
• Make your own curriculum(s)

• Automatic target progression
• Automatic target lifecycle
• Automatic graphs
• Real Time Reports

• Custom alerts
• Custom forms and templates

• Image library

• Messaging System

Electronic Medical Records

• Manage client records
• Client team management staff record
• Staff permission matrix

• Secure: HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant
• Scheduling
• Cloud based solution (24/7 access to data)
• Scalable
• Does not require IT support
• Excellent support

• Integrated with third party insurance billing companies
• Integrated with Box.com
• Document storage and sharing

• Simple app navigation
• Works on Android, iOS and Kindle

Do you have questions? We have solutions!

Want to save Money?

Portia™ will significantly reduce your admin time, therefore reducing your payroll costs. Want to go paperless? Save money as you reduce your office expenses; paper, index cards, toner and photocopiers!

Want to go Paperless?

No more data sheets! All data is recorded on the mobile device, therapists view the Full Teaching Procedure on the mobile app, collect data, record notes, custom forms from the Team.

Want to Increase Productivity?

Your Behavior Analysts and Clinical Directors can access their Client’s data, make quick updates, send notes to the Team from anywhere in the world – they only need an internet connection. No more driving to the client site to review a binder, get the information you need now and make informed programming decisions!

Want to add your Client Base?

Portia™ will give your Behavior Analysts more time to take on more clients.

Increase Staff Collaboration

Communication is key. Portia™ gives your team the ability to send and receive messages and notes to staff members.

Stay on top of your Data

Portia™ sends custom alerts to the Behavior Analyst to keep them on top of programming.

Client wants to work on goals at home?

Portia™’s Generalization at Home Report is an easy report to give to parents at the end of each week. The Portia™ Curriculum includes “How to Generalize at Home” and will list all of the mastered targets in the selected time period.

Share information with Parents – customizable per clinic.

Want to improve your quality of therapy?

Technology is a tool. It makes your life easier and therefore gives you more time to focus on the important things. For you this could be staff training, team meetings, or not having to spend time and resources fixing data, graphs and simply feeling overwhelmed with work.

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